About Us

St John's Church Pendlebury is situated at the centre of a large Parish in Irlams-o'-th'-Height, Pendlebury and the Westwood Estate. As we are based in the centre of this community, we are pleased to have such opportunities to reach out to our community and we have strong links with our local Primary schools, and many other organisations within the area.

St John's Church Pendlebury is part of the Church of England and all of the services held here are in line with this. We have weekly Holy Communion services on Sunday mornings, in addition to Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals (See Life Events page for further information)

Throughout the week, St John's Church has a variety of groups which meet. These vary from Bible Study groups to an Afternoon Tea group.

We love to welcome visitors to our services and groups.

St John's Church is a wonderful Victorian building - although renovated and modernised in 1992, the church is priviledged to retain many of its original features.

east view of churchwest view of church